Things to do before 2009

1. Do something outrageous
2. Sew a skirt
3. Paint a handbag
4. Dress as comfy as possible
5. Write and compose a song Pedojesus for Captain Dildo & his oversized nuts
6. Run away from home with Tiago
7. Do a cover of some emoass song Run - Snow Patrol
8. Juggle with 4 balls
9. Go to the gay disco Trumps
10. Go jogging in the early morning
11. Do a photo shoot
12. Drive my father's car
13. Paint my bedroom walls
14. Spend a sleepless night Working!
15. Help a friend
16. Protest against something
17. Protest against prejudice!
18. Learn 1 page of António Fragoso's Petite Suite nº1 Well, I learned it...
19. Have a productive rehearsal with the band
20. Write a short story
21. Re-organize my room
22. Go to a noise concert
23. Launch a Rocket KNO3 + Glucose = instant fun
24. Use highHIGHheels Ok, not that high.
25. Install Ubuntu's latest version
26. Redesign my website
27. Have an adventure My life is quite an adventure
28. Laugh so hard that I cry
29. Watch all films based on Ayn Rand's novels
30. Read Dostoevsky
31. Eat like I can't gain weight Christmas
32. Make up with a friend K, I hope.
33. Do a painting
34. Play music for money and fans
35. Make up with god o_o'
36. Dance like no one is watching
37. Eat less unhealthy food I've started an healthy diet!
38. Smile like it's the last day I can do it
39. Run under the rain
40. Do 70% of this list ?!

Hello world

26 minutes to reach 2009 in GM Time.