Words of a stranger can make you feel something moving inside.


I can't imagine myself having a family, being married and having kids.
I can't imagine myself letting work and accomplishment go for family. I can't imagine myself going old in front of a fire, holding hands with my soulmate.

I always say that I won't make it until 35... and the truth is I'm not joking. I'm really being serious because I can't see anything more than this... It's all dark, gray, soulless and bleak and nothing more.

It seems so futile, so meaningless. It's so easy to let all of this go.

And I'm not depressed, I'm not sad and my life is pretty good right now. It seems on the right track. But somehow...

There is something missing already.
There is no light.
No light at all.

I guess I'm trying to make up for all the time I've been gone

I think this was my best idea ever. Overlapping A4 paper sheets. O_O

(I don't know that to type but I just feel like typing.)


About 3 months left to end this circle.
I'm so tired of High school. Tired of all the brainless kids, all the envy, all the pettiness, all the drama...

And I know that this is not High school exclusive. Everywhere, I will see this.
I wonder if this is all the world seems to have to offer and someday I will grow tired of all this. Really, really tired.


PS. I didn't make it to MIT! :(