London resident for 2 years.

14 tube lines, 7.8 million habitants, thousands of overcrowed decaying concrete buildings and a mild weather. London.

One can't help it to feel lost in this busy, on steroids city, overwhelmed by flocks of known faces, ticking clocks, arythmitcal steps - a true city symphony. Just lost souls marching to this unknown everlasting tune. We may all cohabit together, but one can't deny we don't live together. It's smothering and lonely in the sense that these 670 connections I have are only just that, "connections", thin lines that connect me to you, all in effect of a lazy click.

Things are vapid. Morals and wills, desires are ephemere. Maybe this idea is itself vapid. I shall not continue.

I want to grow up, break this hedonist cycle that seems leads to virtually nowhere aside from light, floaty conversations, bad choices and noise. I can't stand you, figuratively speaking of the collective of London inhabitants, look at me and see nothing more than lips, black hair, curves, heels. We are much more than this.

And this has just revived.

Fuck yeah.

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