#4 and more

So I can say that this weekend was pretty intense.
I woke up at 8 o'clock, 5 hours of sleep and very very, but oh so very tired yet, obliged to be ready to take my TOEFL and go to Coimbra School of Physics.

9:30, I reach the testing center. 10:00, the test hasn't started yet. WHY? 11:00, I finally start the test.
Listening part. Wait, the headphones aren't working. WTF. SERIOUSLY WTF. This made me so stressed out... Even if this doesn't kill my grade, it made me go AAAAAAAA. Then, Speaking part: Microphone doesn't respond.
I was getting desperate as hell and now I'm really annoyed. I just hope my test doesn't go all crappy because of this. I'm seriously scared...
Anyway. 14:50, I finally end the test.

'Taxi please, take me to the Lisbon main train station!'

Reaching the huge huge station I end up buying my ticket to Coimbra. 20 minutes before the train arrives. Ok, well, time to talk with my brother, saying that the TOEFL went like crap and that I'm going to have less than 90. I just hope that it is >90, or else it's "good bye MIT for ever T^T".
Anyway, I then realize that I haven't eat in 6 hours, so I end up buying some overpriced lame food at the train station cafe - my 2 days sandwich diet starts now!
Train arrives. 2 hours and 200km to go. I spend the time in the train between solving mathematical problems and falling asleep - so tired.

17.40, reached Coimbra. 18.00, reached University.

18:30, Lecture about Innovation and physics on real life appliances.

20:00, Dinner time. Ok, so I didn't know anyone, I had just reached there, but luckily, and due to my randomness skills, it is pretty easy to start talking with people. Cool and interesting people out there, just like I expected!

20:45 Jazz and Physics lecture - Very cool! Very very cool! But the lecturer, a sort of student I think, would often lose track of the theme and lose direction, but cool nonetheless. There was also a jazz/improv guitarrist that tryed to explain the blues scale but ended up providing something like this: "Major and 7thChord, with a diminished 5th, 2nd major, etc..." I doubt that a person without the 3rd grade in music would understand... It is time like these that I'm glad that I'm also having music education instead of just instrument.

23.00, wait, there is another lecture about astronomy, guys!
As the professor said: "This is probably the latest lecture I have ever given with so much audience [55 people]."

02:00, Sacred rest!
2nd day:
07:00, WAKE UP EVERYNYAH~ Luckily, my energy was charged!
9:00 to 13:13 - Waves and behavior
14.30 to 16:00 - Fundamental Matter components
16:15 to 17:15 - Quark! Challenges

18:49 - Train back to Lisbon

I'm pretty tired. I still managed to sightread some Michael Nyman - which isn't that hard actually. HARMONY IS GREAT TO SIGHTREAD REALLY REALLY GREAT! ALL THE MUSICIANS OUT THERE, THINK IN HARMONY!

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