ubuntu is slow

I can say that I'm one of those who love opensource stuff. Like any opensource lover, one must use Linux.
Well, when I started, there was that amazing novelty feel. z0mg it's the terminal - sort of feel, and also the - z0mg I need to install 10204349 libraries before I can read mp3 - yay.
We, the geeks, have that weird spirit for things that we shouldn't compute, a sort of love for the unknown and masochist pleasure of spending 3 hours looking at something going - what the..?
Why would we otherwise spend time programming, using openBSD or going math-o-holic?

Anyway, although I'm completely one of those Linux-folks, I am here to complain. Like, a lot.
So, here's the deal.
Is it me or Ubuntu Dapper Drake (yeah I'm *that* old school) has this horrible, but really horrible image/graphics managemnent platform? And I've used XP pre-SP2 so I know what is SLOW and BAD so yeah. But Ubuntu is really, really bad. Try to use 2 windows of Firefox at the same time and you will completely die.
Maybe it's time to switch to text-mode.

And yes, I will update my Ubuntu.

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