Present yourself, please

So, this entry is pretty much inevitable.
Presenting yourself to the world. Standing naked in from of my invisible audience and desperately attempting to sound conventional or cool.

By now, you've noticed that you won't be reading one of those "hello my name is XXXX and I have 593! years old". But who knows? I like plot twists, like, a lot.

So, what am I? Firstly, I am this person who is currently typing... Aside from being a typer, I am also listening to some music. (Idalah-Abal - Electric Masada).
Now you are forming an idea about my person: Typer and listener of Avant-garde music.
Since I like to experiment things myself, I don't restrict to listening music. That's why I try to play some instruments. Piano when I'm feeling blue, guitar when I'm feeling rebellious.
And now I sound like a snob douche. That is just great. Right when I was getting my pants I got stripped to my underwear.
Anyway. You know, applying to college and trying to make yourself the product that they want is very weird. It's a sort of PLEASE PICK ME UP kind of marketing. We should just get ourselves some cool name and a slogan (essays) and send a pictures of us using a massive mascot outfit. Damn this was random.
Sometimes I'm described as weird, because I like to watch Tsai Ming Liang films and absolutely hate those hollywood explosion-filled ones. I also say film instead of movie because film sounds more artistic.
I think that I'd totally shag mandelbrot set or buddhabrot set, whatever comes up first, but I like to think myself as asexual because it's more fun and less heart breaking for the others.
I've been compared to Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory and I completely jizzed my pants - on my mind, that is.

Oh wait - I have another 2 blogs:
http://omghighschool.blogspot.com/ - my webcomic
http://simetricpart.blogspot.com/ - my chinese blog lmao.

See? Now you know me. You don't know my name, my age, my location, my looks or my heritage, but somehow, you know me much more than you'd know if I would just to say these things. You know that I'm random, nerdy, asexual, did I say random?, pseudo-artistic, egocentric, elitist, weird, have a thing for Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory and like to watch these cheesy sitcoms. Again, much, much more interesting than knowing my name and my age! But since I like plot twists; my name is Han and I'm 17 years old.

Nice to meet you all!

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