23 random facts

1. My room is currently really, really messy.
2. I'm starting to listen to gigantic amounts of the so called "indie" music... Proving again that "indie is the new in".
3. Han is my third name! Few people call me Han and it sounds weird to be called Han. My first name is "Maria", the typical Portuguese name. Oh, the irony!
4. When I was a kid I was much much more brave and I didn't mind doing weird gymnastic stuff.
5. I do a full slit without any effort.
6. When I was young, I really wanted to do Karate but my parents made me do ballet.
7. Now I really want to do Taekwondo, Muya Tai or Kravmaga.
8. I hate to start a sentence with "I" but strangely, that happens too often.
9. Painting is my alter ego's profession.
10. I sing really BADLY. Like, really badly. I have no idea why I'm on the choir. Seriously. I think I sound like Merzbow, in a bad way.
11. Mike Patton is completely amazing. I secretly wish I was like him.
12. I still want a huge tree house. (and I will always want!)
13. British accent sounds really cool but I prefer to talk with americans because they are more *understandable* (does this make any sense?). But my favourite accent is english spoken by a french!
14. I imagine myself in 5 years as the most LEGEN

wait of it

DARY person ever.
The lifestyle I want is the one so called "always on the go", in which mostly: my whole life can be fitted into a suitcase and travel towards all globe.
15. I make too many -unfunny- jokes.
16. 99% of the photos I am in, I am making a weird expression... Including my passport photo.
17. Talking about my passport, it has expired! On January! Shame! I really need to change it...
18. I quote Immanuel Kant too often.
19. Once upon the time, I could actually watch an episode of anime without subtitles and understand the whole thing. And I also wrote a short story - a page lol - in Japanese.
20. Melpo Mene, the band, is just so good. SO GOOD. SO GOOD.
21. Once upon the time, I would only read Dostoevsky and look at books like Harry Potter and weep "OH, THE HUMANITY".
22. I want to sing/play music in a train station.
23. Guitarists are so, so, so, so awesome.

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