the weak rays of light shredded abruptly through the shadows. what seemed so dark and still suddenly became violently nitid and pure pitch black had been replaced by shades of gray and painful reflections. It was time to wake up.

'I'm tired.' - he opened his eyes.

'So tired.' - he slipped his frail, dying branches of an anemic tree, painted with spots and dots of liver, legs out of bed.

'Tired.' - he rose.

He glanced around. It had been almost a week since he last left that place, exactly after being plunged out of his 20 year job. 'Personnel cuts...' they said. 'Times of crisis... I'm sure, you of all these people, understand this.'

He understood alright. After all, he was the son of one of the greatest business man in history. Exactly 504 factories throughout the country, millions of employers and absurd amounts of cash flow. Aside from expensive toys, priceless education, absent father and drunk mother, what he could most remember was the Head offices of Steelwork. That austere and imponent building planted right between a small commercial establishment and a coffee shop that ended up closing was unforgettable, maybe for the long weekends he had spend there, or for the fights he listened between his parents, maybe it was the look of everyone upon him - he did not know for sure. Something had stroked forever in his memory, thought. It was the end of another week day and he had just completed his homework. He decided that staying put waiting to go home was a waste of time, so he snick out of one of the empty meeting rooms - where he would do his homework - and proceeded to the last level of that building. As the elevator opened and he set his foot outside, he heard some moaning noises. He felt excited.

Walking as light feathers through the cemented floor, he ended up in front of a open room, in which, he only took a small glance.
At that time, he did not comprehend. He saw his father - that austere marble looking figure - on top of a beautiful woman. But this time, his father was different. He panted and whispered things to this woman, as she moaned with the strangest noises. A scenery of a carnal festival had been layed into this boy's innocent eyes.

He stepped back, confused. He glanced around aimless and he saw a door leading to the roof top. He followed that.

Looking down to the streets, humans seemed small as ants, all rushing together in a mass of sloppy society. He wondered why were they rushing--

But what we could not understand was how did he ended up becoming such a failure. What happened in between this brilliant kid and this unemployed ex-factory worker? What had gone so terribly wrong, that the most prominent kid in god knows where had ended up becoming such. a. failure.

He looked puzzled at his empty small apartment and he sat on the floor, weeping.

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