Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't

She supported her sweaty head with her hands, trying desperately to figure out a solution.

'There is no way out.' - she cried - 'Absolutely no way out.'

She stood up looking blankly, then, she slowly bent over to pick up a pack of cigarettes that had fallen from her husband's pocket and lit one.

She took the time savior it - it had been a long time since she smoked one of these babies. She thought how incredible a single roll of paper with some tobacco leaves could be so bloody amazing. Tiny bits of cancerous matter came filling up her lungs, she thought, but she did not care a single bit.

She expelled the smoke lazily, tasting every bit of it, remembering her times working as a waitress on a shady bar. 'I did everything except waiting tables.' - she laughed.
She left the ashes fall on the floor, something that she would never, ever have the guts to do before, then, after smoking that cigar, she tossed its remains to the floor too.

'I feel so liberated!'

She stretched lustfully on the kitchen's stiff chair as if she was in the most comfortable place on Earth, than, jumping off that cold chair, she tiptoed around the kitchen, looking around. The only light was a small faint red one from her charging cellphone, but that tiny little light seemed to have the strength to fill up the whole small crowded kitchen, and bizarre reflections of red scattered from the refrigerator to the broken oven.

'There is no way out, though.' - she said smiling.

She looked over to the clock, luckily, it was 2 AM in the morning. 5 hours until the sunrise, 5 hours to clean up a mess, 5 hours to dispose of a adult male body.

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