Let's see. So today I took a gigantic nap because I was feeling seriously tired... And when I woke up, I still wanted to sleep - phail!
I also sat down and STUDIED high school Physics. That's new.
I'm also trying to get some documents into translation (Portuguese to English) and I'm pretty much going: WHAT!?!?!? Because it's SO DAMN EXPENSIVE (at least 120€ for 4 pages...)! Here I am applying for Financial Aid and I need to pay about 250€ to gather up the materials. Pure, pure genius.

And my TOEFL results are coming out in 3 days.

I want to go to University so baaaad! Until then, I must keep on trying to study. And question: Is it bad to, in the middle of an explanation, blurt out random facts about gravitation and theories that aren't taught in High School but are the most "current" stuff? Well, I kind of fear that my teacher will go: "YEAH THEN YOU COME HERE AND GIVE THE CLASS MISS SMARTYPANTS." - and that would totally be awesome... Or not.

I'm seriously sleepy and wait, multitasking is awesome.
I've "saved" 40min because while I was watching Torchwood - It is horrible that I find Captain Harkness completely awesome? - I was also exercising. WIN!

"Hello I look like mister plastic and I'm totally not reading that CT scan."
I'd photoshop this pic but my computer is SLOW.

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